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Archmage is a strategy board game where you build and lead an order of mages towards the epic destiny of becoming Archmage, a wizard that weaves all six spheres of magic into one.

You begin the game as a fledgling mage exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape, deploying loyal followers from your company to gather lost relics from various ruined locations. These magical relics can be traded to six mythic races to gain a fundamental knowledge of their magic. Once these basic spells are learned, you may then combine them into higher forms of magic and continue to grow your order, casting powerful spells to further your plan to become Archmage.

The game is a hybrid of euro-style and thematic board games, featuring exploration, resource gathering and management, area/map control, and a spell system where players shape a tableau of player powers over the course of the game.

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1 Ruined City tile
42 Location tiles
4 Two-layer player boards
4 Spellbook mantles
4 Wooden Mage pieces
4 Wooden Tower pieces
100 Wooden Follower pieces
24 Wooden Relic cubes
24 Wooden Planet tokens
72 Spell cards
24 Vines/Upheaval Spell tokens
30 Wellspring/Chasm Spell tokens
24 Corruption Spell tokens
48 Ward of Protection tokens
1 Reference sheet
1 Rulebook

Solo Game components:
1 Wooden Warlord piece
1 d6
4 Spell cards
5 Inflame tokens
1 Movement aid

Collector's Edition also includes:
1 4-fold game board
4 Cloth supply bags
1 Gold foiled slip case
1 Scorepad
1 Wooden Cursed Tower
30 Wooden Spell/Ward tokens
Wooden Mages and Mage Towers are unique
Spell cards have gold foiling



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Coming Soon: Fall 2019

Only one can ascend to power and claim the title of Archmage! Power comes in many forms: the true Archmage will need a loyal following, the favor of the Mythic Races, and a vast spellbook.

Archmage: Ascendant, the first expansion for Archmage, gives you four new modules to explore on your way to your prophesied destiny. Ascendant adds new fundamental and advanced spells, Prophecies, and Places of Power to explore and control. Ascendant is coming to Kickstarter November 13, 2018!