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In King's Forge, players are crafters seeking the favor of the King. A variety of dice represent the materials (metal, wood, gems and magic) that need to be gathered and crafted into items both mundane and marvelous. The first player to forge four items that are up to the exacting standard of their monarch will be crowned the winner.

King's Forge is an elegant and easy to learn game, that balances carefully building up your supply of materials, with the creative risks of attempting to create a masterwork. Clever dice management, advance planning, fierce competition, and nail-biting luck are part of every game of King's Forge.

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32 unique Craft cards
19 unique Gather cards
42 marbled black Metal dice
22 swirly green Wood dice
14 translucent red Gem dice
10 sparkly blue Magic dice
2 pearly white Library dice
1 misted purple Cemetery die
4 Printed Wooden Tokens
1 sculpted plastic First Player Anvil
4 double-sided Workshop boards
1 game board
1 rulebook
2 quick reference cards

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Coming Soon: Fall 2019


The legends were true—the griffons have returned! The whole world has opened up now that distinguished visitors arrive weekly on griffon-back to see the King. They bring fresh ideas, new skills, and exotic materials unlike anything we've ever seen.  

Do your best to acquire samples of the new materials by hosting visitors or impressing the ambassadors who are staying at the palace. If you can make the kingdom proud by producing true masterworks, you'll be sent abroad to represent the kingdom, share your talents, and see the world. Adventure is calling! 



"...with repeated plays this game has grown in our hearts to a place of honor. It's fast, fun, and doesn't require too much investment on the players' parts. Plus, you get to roll giant double fistfuls of dice, and who doesn't like that?" — Escapist Magazine


Enhance your King's Forge experience with expansions that let you craft new items for the Queen, hire Apprentices to help you in your forge, and add beautiful but delicate glass in all-new creations!

These are expansions for King's Forge are not stand-alone games. A copy of King's Forge is required to play.


Queen's Jubilee

With the Queen's Jubilee only a few weeks away, King Sedgwickson III and his lovely wife, Queen Gertrude, have compiled a list of possible gifts for this year's Fealty Ceremony and posted it in the castle's plaza. Craftsmen and women from all over the kingdom are now hard at work, striving to be the first to craft five items from the list and win the honor of standing side-by-side with the royals as the gifts are presented to the five Dukes at this year's Queen's Jubilee.



King's Forge: Apprentices is a modular expansion for King's Forge! Add any or all of the following to enhance your crafting experience:

• Dice, Smithy tiles, and special rules for adding a fifth player to the game.
• Apprentice cards, which can be hired by the players to gain permanent bonuses.
• All-new Craft and Gather cards with new requirements and abilities.



King's Forge: Glassworks adds glass as a new material with which to work in King's Forge. The expansion includes new "glass" material dice, new items that require glass to craft, and new places to gather glass for your workshop.

Add on the Glassworks Plus Pack and you'll get additional Apprentice and Gather cards - including the all-new Farm dice - along with a foil Christmas Ornament card!

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The newest expansion for King's Forge is now available for pre-order! This expansion adds new Gather locations, new items, and Gold dice! Pre-order it here.