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Nothing Personal puts players in control of one of five organized mafia families vying for control of the city's organized crime network. Players attempt to gain the most respect for their crime families by amassing respect amongst the various gangsters through influence, negotiation, blackmail, and bribery.

Nothing Personal is an intense game of negotiation, cunning, and betrayal as players take control of gangsters, working them up the underworld's chain of influence. Each position and gangster has their own special abilities to give players the edge they need to win. 

Deals will be made and broken, but listen - it's Nothing Personal.

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1 Game board
5 Reference cards
1 Vendetta card
1 Victory card
80 assorted $1, $5, and $10 bills
150 Influence tokens
5 Blackmail tokens
54 Gangster cards
94 Influence cards
5 Gangster "Meepsters"
4 Turn tokens
5 Re-roll tokens
1 Gold-tone Capo Ring
2 Custom six-sided dice

Coming Soon: Spring 2019



Enhance your Nothing Personal experience with expansions that let you declare ruthless vendettas, try your luck at the casinos, and add even more gangsters to recruit (or "dismiss") to your Family's cause.

These are expansions for Nothing Personal are not stand-alone games. A copy of Nothing Personal is required to play.



They're not Family - they're more like Associates! This expansion to Nothing Personal adds some familiar faces to your game as classic gangsters from history join in on the fun. The Russian mob are also getting involved, along with a new group of femme fatales - and they're all heading to the two all-new Casinos! Will luck be on your side?


Power and Influence

The Family gets bigger in this expansion for Nothing Personal! Power and Influence adds a whole raft of new gangsters for you to control with new abilities that will turn your game upside down. All new Player Traits affect how you'll approach the game; can you use your strength to get in with the right people at the right time and fight your way to the top? 


Expansion Packs

The mini-expansions each contain nine new gangsters. Expansion #1 offers unsavory characters based on game designers and Expansion #3 brings some of the most iconic criminal kingpins from movies and TV into the Nothing Personal family.

Expansion Pack #2 features nine gangsters based on personalities from The Dice Tower network and is offered exclusively from The Dice Tower.

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Family Business

Gangsters, Influence, and Casinos from the original expansions all in one box — retooled for the new Revised Edition of the core game! Available for pre-order soon.