Submission Form

If you'd like us to consider your game design for publishing, simply fill in the form below. We receive a large quantity of submissions and can't respond to all of them, but if we feel that the game could be a good fit for us we will contact you within 2 weeks to learn more.

Please include the full name of your game here.
In the fewest words possible, describe what makes the game appealing.

What are we on the lookout for?

  • Games that will appeal to seasoned gamers, such as euros, co-ops, Ameritrash, etc.

  • Games with a strong thematic element

  • Games with novel, innovative, or unique features that invite players to try the game, and make the game different from existing games

  • Games that have an engaging theme or visual hook that is well integrated with the game’s mechanics

  • Games with an appropriate number of physical components (based on their level of engagement and optimal price point)

  • Well developed and extensively play tested designs

What aren't we looking for?

  • Games that require a particular pop culture license

  • Collectible Trading Card games

  • Games that are alternative versions or derivative of existing products

  • Toys, puzzles, or novelty items

  • Wargames, party games, or children’s games

  • Digital games (iOS, PC, etc)